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Air Conditioning Replacement in San Diego

Like any mechanical system, an air conditioner will not last forever. Time and physical wear and tear will eventually take their toll, no matter how well–cared for the system is, or how well built it was in the first place. The average lifespan of most contemporary air conditioner models is 15 to 20 years, and once the AC in your home is in that range, you should start keeping a watch for indications that it is losing energy efficiency and struggling to provide the cool temperatures you need in your home to beat the heat. Get ahead of the problem with speedy and professional replacement services.

If you think you might be in need of replacement service for your air conditioner, call our HVAC team at Cal-West Air Conditioning. We have been in business for over 35 years, and our technicians have a wide range of experience and training to make sure that you receive the best quality replacement for your ailing air conditioner. Never trust a job this important to amateurs—or try to accomplish it yourself. Call on the experts when your old AC is ready to retire.

The air conditioning replacement professionals at Cal-West Air Conditioning offer their services in San Diego, CA and the surroundings areas.

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Signs You Need Air Conditioner Replacement

When you air conditioner approaches or passes its manufacturer’s estimate lifespan, keep a close look out for the following signs that may indicate it has aged passed its usefulness:

  • Uneven cooling: One of the more obvious signs that something is amiss with a central air conditioner is when some rooms feel warmer than others. Although this may stem from problems with the ductwork, for an older AC it often means a significant drop in cooling power so that only certain rooms are receiving conditioned air.
  • Higher humidity: Air conditioners are not designed specifically to combat humidity (although some models have dehumidifiers integrated into them). However, the process of heat exchange does remove some moisture from the air. If you notice your home growing more humid during times when the air conditioner is running, it can point toward an AC that is running down.
  • Utility bill rise: If your electrical bills appear are steadily rising during periods when you have the AC running on a regular basis, the system is probably wearing down and draining excess power. If the air conditioner is over 15 years old, you should call on replacement professionals to see if it is time to put in a new system.

Call on Professionals for AC Replacement

When you notice any of the above air conditioning issues occurring, it is time to contact our HVAC technicians at Cal-West Air Conditioning. We will look over your current cooling system and determine if replacement is the best option, or if we can perform repairs that will keep the air conditioner working efficiently for a few more years. We will always look out for the best choice to suit you. If it does turn out that replacement is optimal path, we will make sure that you receive the right sized new system to meet your needs, and that the new air conditioner in an improvement over your previous one. Depend on us for all your AC needs.

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