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Air Conditioning Repair in San Diego

Modern air conditioners are designed with durability in mind. If an AC receives proper maintenance every year, it should run for many years without encountering any significant malfunctions. However, when problems do spring up in an air conditioning system, it’s important that you get in touch with a professional repair technician who has the knowledge and hands–on experience necessary to handle the issue quickly and effectively. Air conditioners are complex systems, and amateur or DIY attempt to fix them will likely end up creating even greater trouble.

Cal-West Air Conditioning is a fully–licensed air conditioning service company that provides repairs for all types of air conditioners. Whether your AC needs a minor repair or a large replacement, our technicians are equipped to handle the job. Call us any time to learn more about our services. Be sure to ask about our maintenance plan when you speak to one of our maintenance technicians.

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Call the HVAC technicians at Cal-West Air Conditioning to schedule air conditioning repair service in San Diego, CA and the surrounding areas.

Do You Need Professional Air Conditioning Repairs?

No matter what type of air conditioning system you have installed in your home, our repair experts have the knowledge of HVAC technology necessary to restore it whenever it malfunctions. We can provide the proper diagnosis and resolution to your AC repair needs in a quick and professional manner.

Some air conditioning repair problems are unmistakable—such as when the unit will not turn on at all—but many others are more subtle. Here are some signs to watch for that will warn you that it’s time to call on professionals to fix your AC:

  • A rise in utility bills: When any component in an air conditioner malfunctions, it will place a larger level of stress on the system. This will result in an uptick in the cost to run the AC. Keep a close watch on your monthly bills so you can spot these changes.
  • Strange noises: The soothing white noise that an air conditioning system creates is something you are probably familiar with during the summer months. When noises like grinding, shrieking, and hissing interrupt this soundscape, it usually means there is a mechanical failure of some kind in the system.
  • Odd smells from the vents: If motors in the air conditioner cabinet become dirty or the motor starts to burn out, it will create a noticeable acrid scent that will drift from the vents.
  • Uneven cooling: An air conditioner that is starting to lose its cooling ability will fail to evenly distribute conditioned air. Call for repair technicians if you notice hot spots in some rooms around the house.

At the first indication of air conditioner trouble, get in touch with an AC repair service professional to look into it. This way they will catch small problems before they cascade into larger ones.

Call Cal-West Air Conditioning for Your HVAC Repair Needs

Cal-West Air Conditioning provides air conditioning repair services, including air conditioning repair and routine maintenance. When you contact us, you’ll receive the professional help you require from a trustworthy company with more than 30 years of experience.

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