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Ductless Split Air Conditioning and Heating Services in San Diego

Ductless split heating and air conditioning systems give users the option of both heating and cooling a small to medium sized interior space. There is no need for an extensive ductwork or ventilation system, so this means the ductless split systems are ideal for smaller homes or offices where the space allotted to heating and cooling the air is limited.

Ductless split systems houses all the pieces in one unit, but with the compressor potion outside, and a small air handler inside where the cooled or heater air can be easily distributed. A ductless split unit can be wall–mounted or window–mounted. And like so many things in life it goes by many names: sometimes ductless split systems are called mini split systems or even room units.

Call the ductless air conditioning and heating technicians at Cal–West Air Conditioning for professional ductless mini split system installation and repair services.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating

A variety of benefits come along with using ductless split heating and cooling units, which is probably why so many people choose them when they have just a few rooms that need to be heated or cooled.

  • Heat or cool an interior space with one single unit, which saves space with not needing a separate heating unit and a separate air conditioning unit
  • Some are expandable to accommodate a few rooms or spaces, while giving each room its own climate control
  • Save in energy costs by only heating and cooling within specific rooms throughout the day, rather than heating or cooling every room all day long
  • More energy–efficient than larger heating and air conditioning systems because they are smaller units with less intricate internal parts

Ductless Mini Split Services

As a ductless air conditioning and heating Service Company in San Diego, CA, we offer quality ductless mini split services, such as installation, replacement, repair, as well as maintenance. Our ductless air conditioning and heating technicians work with clients in Poway, Carlsbad, Escondido, and Rancho Bernardo. Contact Cal–West Air Conditioning today for professional ductless air conditioning and heating service throughout the area.

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