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Ductless Split Air Conditioning and Heating Services in San Diego

Ductless mini split heat pumps (also known as ductless split system, room units, and mini split systems) provide homeowners with the option of either heating or cooling a small to medium–sized space without the necessity of an extensive ductwork system. This makes ductless split systems ideal for smaller homes, add–on rooms, historical buildings that don’t have room in the walls and ceilings for ducts, or offices where space is at a premium. They are also excellent for remodeling and new construction, since the lack of ducts allows for greater freedom in design.

Ductless air conditioning and heating systems are easier to install than conventional central ACs and heat pumps. But this doesn’t mean you should undertake the work on your own: it still takes the skill of professionals to do the job correctly so the system will work as it should. You can call on Cal-West Air Conditioning to take on the installation job. We will see that you have the best possible new system for your home’s comfort needs.

Call the ductless air conditioning and heating technicians at Cal-West Air Conditioning in San Diego, CA for professional ductless mini split system installation, maintenance, and repair services.

How Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating Works

Ductless mini splits have a similar layout to standard central air conditioners: an outdoor cabinet with a compressor and an indoor unit with an air handler and evaporator. The difference is that there are multiple indoor units, which can be mounted on walls and over windows. These miniature air handlers contain their own blower and evaporator coil, and they send conditioned air directly into the rooms. The air handlers connect to the outdoor unit through refrigerant and power lines that pass through the wall behind them.

Because ductless mini splits are also heat pumps, they can provide heating as well as cooling. When the unit switches to heating mode, refrigerant moves the other direction through the system. This makes the coils in the air handlers act as condensers, releasing heat into the rooms rather than absorbing it.

The Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating

A variety of benefits come along with the installation of ductless split heating and cooling units, which is probably why many people choose them when they have just a few rooms that need to conditioned air:

  • The lack of ducts will help increase indoor air quality. Ductwork is a major source of build–up of dust and other contaminants; once you have ducts removed from the process, the air in your home will be cleaner.
  • They reduce energy costs because you only need to heat or cool rooms that require it. You can shut off the air handlers for empty rooms, so each room has its own climate control.
  • They are more energy–efficient than larger heating and air conditioning systems because they are smaller units that place a reduced demand on electrical power.

We Offer Ductless Mini Split Services

As a ductless air conditioning and heating service company, we offer quality ductless mini split services: installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. Contact Cal-West Air Conditioning today for professional ductless air conditioning and heating service.

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