Heating in El Cajon CA: Do I Need a Backup Furnace for My Heat Pump?

Heating your home should not put a major dent in your budget. That is why so many homeowners are taking advantage of the exceptional efficiency with which heat pumps operate. Whether you are looking to reduce your environmental impact or simply want to reduce the impact that heating your home has on your energy costs, call Cal-West Air Conditioning. A heat pump installation in El Cajon, CA may be just what you need to boost energy efficiency in your home. To get through the chilliest nights of the year you may want to consider a backup furnace for your heat pump.

Unlike traditional home heating systems, heat pumps do not consume a fuel in order to heat your home. They instead absorb preexisting heat from the environment surrounding them and transfer this heat into or out of your home to keep it comfortable. When temperatures dip too low, though, some homeowners may find that their heat pump struggles to maintain comfortable heat levels in their home. With the installation of a backup furnace you can eliminate this risk. Contact our team of El Cajon heating experts today for more information about backing up your heat pump.

With a backup furnace you can heat your home as efficiently as possible by using your heat pump. In the event that your heat pump experiences trouble overcoming cold temperatures, though, you can switch over to the reliable, consistent heating power of a furnace. Furnaces, while they do consume fuel, have gotten more and more efficient over the years. With a professional furnace installation you can get an extremely efficiently and reliable performance from your backup heating system without need to rely on it throughout the whole heating season.

We understand that all homeowners want to heat their homes as efficiently as they can. However, we want to help ensure that no comfort is sacrificed in doing so. Not all homes will benefit from a backup furnace for a heat pump. If your heat pump system struggles on the coldest nights of the year, though, it may be the right choice for your home. Contact Cal-West Air Conditioning today for more information about a backup furnace in El Cajon, CA.

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