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"We called Cal-West based on their reputation since we haven't had our air-conditioning or heating checked out in the 11 years we have owned our home…"

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Heating Repair Service in San Diego

Just when you wanted your heater to give you that push of warm air, it shoots cold air at you instead. This is not fun, but it is the time to contact a heating repair company that can identify and resolve your heating problem quickly and make certain that your home is heated to the right temperature.

Heating Repair Technicians

When heating issues come up, it is ideal to handle them quickly to make certain that they do not begin affecting other areas of your heater, which then cause higher repair costs. No matter what type of heating issue arises, such as emergency repairs on a cold day or smaller problems that recently sprang up and are now being attended to, our technicians are available to assist you with your heating problems.

There are a number of clues that your heater will leave which indicate the need for heating repair is drawing near. Pay attention to these and you will go a long way in fixing the problems early–on, which saves you money.

  • Increased utility bills associated with running the heater
  • Inconsistent heating in different rooms
  • Heater runs continually and never quite seems to get the interior space up to the right temperature

These are all indications that something is most definitely wrong with your heater and a heater repair is most likely in your near future.

Heating Maintenance

Ensure that your unit works efficiently for many years to come by scheduling maintenance inspections regularly. We recommend it be done annually, prior to the time when the heater will be used the most. This way all the internal parts will be properly lubricated, all connections will be sounds, and the pieces will work together as they were intended in the most energy–efficient manner possible. Heating system maintenance in San Diego will mean less wear and tear on vital parts that would otherwise work harder to compensate for not being properly in place. Ensuring all problems are handled regularly with heater maintenance will mean lengthening the expected lifespan of the heater.

Call Cal-West Air Conditioning If You Need Heating Repairs

Cal-West Air Conditioning is a skilled heating repair service company that provides professional heating repair and maintenance service. Our technicians work with customers throughout the area, including the cities of Rancho Bernardo, Poway, Carlsbad, Escondido, and all over San Diego County.

Contact Cal-West Air Conditioning today for professional heating repair service in San Diego.

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