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Air Conditioning, Heating and Commercial HVAC Services in San Marcos, CA

Cal–West Air Conditioning is proud to offer quality air conditioning and heating services to the San Marcos, CA area.

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San Marcos, CA Air Conditioning Services

Cal–West Air Conditioning is a reputable air conditioning company which supplies quality air conditioning system services, such as air conditioning installation and replacement, as well as air conditioner repair and maintenance inspections. Additionally, our air conditioning technicians are well–versed in a mixture of air conditioning systems, such as forced air conditioning units, ductless split air conditioners, thermostats, and zone control systems.

Air Conditioning Repair

Your air conditioning system is a complicated piece of equipment that has many moving parts that can sometimes break down. If you need air conditioning repair services Cal–West Air Conditioning is the company to call.

With over 36 years of experience, our air conditioning repair technicians can handle any issue for any type or brand of system. If your air conditioning system is blowing warm air or if it is making a strange noise just call us today. We’re available 24/7 for emergency air conditioning repair services.

Air Conditioning Installation

In order to ensure that your new air conditioning system works well, get it installed by a professional. Cal–West Air Conditioning is proud to offer our customers high quality air conditioning installation services for all types and brands of air conditioning systems.

We will work with you from start to finish, making sure that your new air conditioning system is the right size for your home. You have to live with your new air conditioner for many years and if it is the wrong size, it could perform inefficiently and it may not be able to properly cool your home. Call us today!

San Marcos, CA Heating Services

As a trusted heating services company, Cal–West Air Conditioning supplies quality heating services, that includes heater unit installation and replacement, as well as heating repair and maintenance inspections, for a large selection of heating system types such as heat exchangers, forced air heaters, heat pumps, and furnaces. Our heating technicians also work with hot and cold spots, thermostats, and zone control systems.

Heating Repair

When you turn on your heater does it not perform up to your expectations? Call Cal–West Air Conditioning for heating repair services. We can handle any problem that you might be having, including insufficient heat or strange noises that your heating system might start to make.

We’re available 24/7 for emergency heating repair services so give us a call any time. We understand how important it is to stay warm during the winter which is why we work so hard to provide you with quality heating services.

Heating Installation

Has the time come for you to get a new heating system in your home? Get the quality of service you deserve by calling Cal–West Air Conditioning. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction and to the quality of heating installation services that we provide.

You need to get the right sized heater in your home or else it could operate inefficiently and it could also fail to keep your home entirely warm. Cal–West Air Conditioning provides you with the quality of heating installation services that you can count on. Give us a call today to learn more and to talk with one of our friendly heating installation experts.

Other HVAC Services in San Marcos, CA

Indoor Air Quality Products & Services

Due to the fact that we remain inside buildings for much of our days and our nights, indoor air quality is a rather essential topic to reflect on. We are an indoor air quality company with widespread comprehension of a range of indoor air quality products which include UV germicidal lights, air purifiers, air cleaners, filtration systems, and dehumidifiers, and we also supply duct repair services, duct sealing services, and carbon monoxide safety.

Air Balancing

Air balancing a heating and cooling system could quite possibly be the most important part of the system. A cooling and heating system will only work as effectively as it was created to when it is correctly balanced. We are an air balancing services company that also provides duct cleaning services, duct testing services, and an extensive list of air balancing terms that will assist you during the entire air balancing process.

Commercial HVAC Services

Commercial services for HVAC systems include a combination of various tasks are easily understood by licensed professionals who have years of experience in the commercial sector. Cal–West Air Conditioning is a commercial HVAC services company that supplies commercial heating and air conditioning installation and replacement, as well as commercial HVAC repair and maintenance for an assortment of heating and cooling systems such as boilers, chillers, cooling towers, forced air HVAC systems, rooftop units, packaged units, building control systems, and emergency management systems. Our capabilities cross a wide range of commercial fields and we are knowledgeable in the latest commercial industry standards and practices.

About San Marcos, California

San Marcos is known for its top–notch educational facilities, its golf courses, as well as for having some of the best restaurants in North County with Old California Restaurant Row, and other areas which feature a wide variety of cuisines. There are an abundance of open spaces and parks with miles of trails for biking and hiking, and breathtaking views of the entire coastal community below from the highest peak in the county. There are lots of community activities, recreational classes, and entertainment opportunities to discover. San Marcos, CA is a place that celebrates a vibrant heritage while embracing its new horizons.

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